Generate Voter IDs

Use the form below to create voter registration IDs for your ballot proposal
NOTE: Voter registration information should only be submitted to the chain after the voting window has closed.

Required. 64-Character Limit. Used to find ballot proposals for a particular network.
Required. 64-Character Limit. The Proposal ID for the particular ballot proposal.
Required. 64-Character Limit. The Registration ID for this particular ballot proposal. The "VoterHash" submitted in the ballot proposal should match the SHA1 hash of the ProposalId concatenated with the RegistrationId to help mitigate spoofing.
Required. Max 2,048 The number of voter registrations you would like to generate. This is currently limited to 2,048. While we haven't tested the theoretical limits of the size of a single JSON file that can be attached to the blockchain, we feel this number should be more than enough to encompass most on-chain voting solutions.